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Animal health and agriculture logo

EU-Exit: Animal health and agriculture

Enforcing fair rules and regulations for rural areas.

Cross-border access to justice logo

EU-Exit: Cross-border access to justice

Securing fair treatment in cross-border consumer markets.

e-Commerce logo

EU-Exit: e-Commerce

Protecting consumer spending online.

Fair trading logo

EU-Exit: Fair trading

Ensuring protection in consumer transactions.

Final negotiations logo

EU-Exit: Final negotiations and deal

EU Exit: the details

Food standards logo

EU-Exit: Food standards

Maintaining high standards and transparency.

Intellectual property logo

EU-Exit: Intellectual property

Enforcing business rights, upholding authenticity.

Travel law logo

EU-Exit: Travel law

Ensuring fairness and transparency on the move.

What Our Students Have to Say

I really liked the online Delivery Mechanism and thought it was really well organised. Easy to sign up, easy to join and attend. I hope this type of delivery remains as an ongoing option even after the pandemic. Our Authority has really benefited as allows as many people as possible to attend training whereas for physical delivery options we had to restrict numbers.
Trading Standards Manager
Anon Authority
A sterling attempt to make sense of a lot of unknowns, and to get through a lot of rather boring information in as accessible a way as possible.
TS Officer
Authority X
The quality and content of the course was excellent. Informative and at the right level. The online format was very accessible and user friendly.
Company X